Common Dental Emergencies in Children

Child Brushing

Everyone is susceptible to encountering emergency dental problems that require urgent treatment. As a parent, you will need to get your child emergency dental treatment in case such issues arise. Let's take a look at some of the most common dental emergencies in children so that you will know when to visit the dentist and how to care for minor problems at home:

  • Object stuck to teeth — Children might get objects caught in their teeth, such as thread or food items. Unless it's serious, you can easily handle this issue at home. Use dental floss to gently remove the stuck object and avoid resorting to other tools that may end up cutting your child's gums.

  • Tongue/lip bite — Your child might accidentally bite his or her tongue or lip, resulting in cuts and bleeding. In this case, rinse the bite area with water and then use a cold compress on the affected area to minimize swelling and pain. If it's a serious cut, it is wiser to get it treated by a dentist.

  • Knocked-out tooth — An accident might knock out your child's tooth. If this happens, you could try rinsing the tooth and placing it back. Hold it in place for a few seconds using a clean cloth or towel. If this doesn't work, keep it in a clean container and then add milk. Rush to the dentist immediately; it may be possible to save the tooth.

  • Chipping, fractures, or breaking — Another common dental emergency is when a tooth chips or breaks. If this happens, call your dentist. Your child may need treatment right away depending on the size of the fracture.

  • Toothache — If your child complains of a toothache, get him or her to rinse his or her mouth with warm water. Examine his or her mouth to determine if anything is stuck between the teeth. You can use a cold compress to relieve the pain on the affected area and then consult a dentist. Avoid applying heat or topical pain relief ointments directly to the area since this might damage the gums.