Different types of dental phobia and how to overcome them

Dental Phobia

Despite the large number of people with oral health issues, many choose to avoid the dentist because of a common problem known as dental phobia. For those of you dealing with dental phobia, it’s important to remember that you are not alone. There are several kinds of dental-related fears, for which there are different ways to deal with the problem. Let’s take a look at some tips to help you out:

  • Fear of the dentist – A lot of people are afraid to get dental treatments because they fear the actual dentist. This may be because of a bad experience in the past or because they feel that dentists don’t mind causing pain. Getting over this type of fear is as easy as familiarizing yourself with the dentist. Before you go to a dentist for treatment, get acquainted with him or her and explain your problem. A good dentist should be able to gain your trust and help you realize that he or she only wants to help you.

  • Fear of pain – Some people might have undergone a painful dental experience in the past, resulting in their fear of the pain. It’s true that some dental procedures may be painful, but you also have a number of options to reduce the discomfort. There are several products, such as numbing gels and anesthetics, which could be of help.

  • Fear of the drill – Many people are afraid of the dental drill or even other dental tools. For some people, even just the sound of the drill could result in a serious anxiety spell. The best way you can deal with this issue is through distraction and exposure. Discuss your fear with the dentist and request them to help you get familiar with the drill or any other dental tool. You could try holding the equipment while it’s running so that you can see how there’s nothing to fear about. In addition to this, bring your iPod or phone along so you can drown out the drilling sound using music.