50 Shades of Inflammation: the Mouth Body Mind Connection

On Friday, November 17, 2017, Dr. Thiru attended the seminar "50 SHADES OF INFLAMMATION" hosted and presented by Dr. Uche Odiatu who is an internationally recognized wellness & performance expert. This practicing dentist is also an NSCA certified personal trainer, a holistic lifestyle coach, media personality (ABC 20/20 & Canada AM), a professional member of the American College of Sports Medicine & the author of the book, The Miracle of Health. This energetic dad of four has lectured & shared his unique insights & humor in Denmark, England, USA, Canada, Norway, Jamaica & the Bahamas.

Here is an outline of the course Dr. Thiru just attended:

PART 1: An avalanche of evidence is demonstrating the link between your patients’ mouth with their lifestyle habits: lack of sleep, shift work, poorly managed stress, overeating & sedentary living. Patients appreciate the dental professional who sees the bigger picture & understands the relationship between the body, mind & mouth. In this lively morning session you will gain new appreciation into the miraculous nature of the human body and to the way every part is connected.

  • Recognize the destructive INFLAMMATORY CASCADE in your patients from their modern lifestyle habits.
  • Discover how visceral fat behaves like an active organ causing havoc throughout the body & mouth. Walter Willet PhD MD and professor in the Harvard School of Public Health reports reducing excess adipose tissue is the number way to reduce chronic inflammation in the body.
  • Identify 7 key foods & lifestyle habits that contribute to inflammation - “EAT THIS NOT THAT!”
  • Understand how chronic dehydration adversely influences your patient’s entire biochemistry.
  • Learn how the human body wants to move toward health with every breath. No matter what your age, muscles & lungs will respond to exercise. What kind? The new science on the value of interval training where “less is more”.
  • Discover new lifestyle questions to add to your NEW PATIENT EXAM and to recare examination to support a total health perspective.

PART 2: The afternoon session presented ADVANCED strategies to create change in your patients’ daily health practices & maybe yours? Across the board, your patients’ lifestyle cannot be ignored as you work at getting them to optimal health. From sedentary living (Is Sitting the New Smoking?) to mismanaged stress, you will discover a new way of looking at how chronic inflammation and disease is supported by your well-intentioned patients.

  • Why certain patients do not respond well to your hygiene programs.
  • Learn the language of nutrition and supplementation (probiotics, Vitamin D, omega 3’s, 70% cocoa chocolate & more) so you can communicate easier with your health conscious patients.
  • How stress & disrupted sleep shows up in your patients’ mouth & body.
  • Team building strategies to get your entire office on board focusing on WHOLE BODY BODY HEALTH.
  • Create a circle of influence & develop relationships with allied health professionals & get loads of referrals.